Hey Youngblood

aria ☆ 17

bi/pan ☆ desi american

aesthetic blog

art, tattoos, rad people, music, fashion and p much anything i like idk so its a personal blog too ???



☼ teen wolf
☼house of cards
☼fuckton of movies i didnt have time for in the school year

waiting for

☁ shameless s5
☁ supernatural s10
☁ in the flesh s3
☁ Once upon a time s4

working on

getting a fucking grip on my life tbqh


★ anny ★
☆ karis ☆
☆ cara ☆

  • Cashier: *dies at register*
  • Customer: are you open
  • asylum-art:

    Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele

    Based in Berlin, Olivia Steele is an artist who uses light and neons to add meaning and irony to a place. She creates spiritual baselines we can interpret as we want, by working a lot on typography and the style of her letters. Her work is to discover in bars, in cities and on photographs.

    TRACK: Latch (ft. Sam Smith)
    ARTIST: Disclosure
    ALBUM: Latch
    PLAYS: 42,913


    most common thought: damn haha im going to have to deal with that sooner or later