Hey Youngblood

aria ☆ 17

bi/pan ☆ desi american

aesthetic blog

art, tattoos, rad people, music, fashion and p much anything i like idk so its a personal blog too ???



☼ teen wolf
☼house of cards
☼fuckton of movies i didnt have time for in the school year

waiting for

☁ shameless s5
☁ supernatural s10
☁ in the flesh s3
☁ Once upon a time s4

working on

getting a fucking grip on my life tbqh


★ anny ★
☆ karis ☆
☆ cara ☆

TRACK: Ghost
ARTIST: Mystery Skulls
ALBUM: Mystery Skulls
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seon is so breathtaking it’s unreal

TRACK: Mystery Skulls Vs Marina and the Diamonds
ARTIST: Mystery Skulls
ALBUM: Mystery Skulls
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they said don’t feel so lonely, you have galaxies inside of you. i said well then this one’s for trying to set them free
— another swipe across my skin 2:03pm (via methflavor)
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TRACK: Color on the Walls (Don't Stop)
ARTIST: Foster the People
ALBUM: Torches
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